All we need is the air that we breathe, but it’s killing us!

Upload 28Feb2018 583It’s the Easter term, and the kids are out of school for a couple of weeks. I have a to do list of chores to get through, that culminates in a house spring clean. I’ve been looking around at the smaller more neglected areas of the house that can normally go without regular cleaning and, I have been shocked at how dirty the house is, more so than usual. The residue from local traffic is more pronounced, it’s everywhere in my blinds, on my walls, permeating my rugs…in my kids room.

It’s not that I don’t give these matters thought, but the slow realisation that living at the back of a busy dual carriageway is choking us out of our home, is scaring the **** out of me. I can’t even be comforted by the fact that my house faces onto a beautiful park, because the council, in their infinite wisdom ( but against prolonged and passionate protest) decided to chop down, a good number of perfectly healthy trees to satisfy their aesthetic, when they redesigned the park a few years back. We have a small back yard and it’s always been my summer evening  chill-out space, but I don’t think we’re going to be using it this year.

The idea of the trees absorbing the carbon dioxide and reducing the impact of the pollution is a fading fantasy. From where I’m standing, it seems as though the trees are struggling to keep up with the volume. They’re still doing their job, but there’s fewer of them dealing with the onslaught, and they are overwhelmed.  The plants on our kitchen windows are puny and weak. They are doing their best, but not really thriving. If this is what’s going on for nature, what’s going on for us?

I have no idea what the powers that be are planning for our city’s future in terms of improving air quality. I have attended a couple of seminars around our ‘ Smart City’ status and, future projects seem to have the matter addressed in their plans. However, I’m not so sure about current developments, like the one on Princess Road at the old bus depot (perhaps someone from Rowlinson might care to respond). I know many people are doing their best to reduce the carbon footprint of their households. We’re certainly cycling and walking as much as we can, but I’m hoping people see this and think about getting together to do more.

I used to look sideways when someone approached wearing a mask, but vanity be damned –  I want to be around to raise my kid and yes, she’ll be wearing a mask too! I just have to explain why first.





The Sunshine Sisters recently interviewed HR consultant Agnieszka Cybulska from Expansa Ltd, for our Unity Radio segment so, do check the Unity schedule or, listen again on our webpage.

It was interesting to hear Aggies professional views on employee rights and protection regarding the issue of sexual harassment, and we were struck by a point she made about never knowing of a sexual harassment case being brought, in 20 plus years in the profession and, being aware of specific issues in some companies.

During the interview, we make a point about value, and talk about placing value on ourselves and how we go about doing this. We know that even as we speak someone, somewhere is being sexually harassed and, that there is, as Aggie points out ‘a pragmatic and, an emotional response’ to dealing with harassment – especially if you can’t risk the consequences of the fallout.

So what do we do? acknowledge for whatever reason, that it’s best to walk away or, make the decision to challenge the behaviour. The now infamous ‘Me Too’ campaign, was borne out of someone taking the decision to speak out about the culture of harassment, in an environment where it remained unchallenged for decades. It’s taken years, but people are finally being held to account, and change is on the horizon.

You might think ‘Me Too’ is a celebrity movement that has nothing to do with the lives of you and me. But what we’ve seen, is that when it comes to creating change, and things are changing! it takes one brave soul to take the risk and, make the leap. Yes! there are things you might lose, but infinitely more will be gained from the experience.

We’re not saying that everyone should go out and start a revolution (actually why not!), but revolutions, movements, changes :- whatever you like to call them! all begin with someone and, it might just as well be you.

If you are affected by the issues discussed please find the following helpful  services:

The advisory, conciliation and arbitration service – ACAS

Equality and human rights commission

Citizens Advice Bureau




















Benji Reid… The Everyday Creative


Tune- in and put a little Sunshine of your schedule this Thursday, when the sisters will be in conversation with the actor, director, writer, choreographer, dancer, photographer and, true force of nature that is: Benji Reid.

We recently stopped by Benjis’ studio to talk all things creative, look at some of his work and, ask him how he maintains his creativity, passion and drive after 30 plus years in the industry.

Listen to Benjis’ frank and funny thoughts on 5.30pm on Unity Drivetime, with the Sunshine Sisters!!



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The Sunshine Sisters will debut on Unity Radio Drive time, this Thursday 25th January at 5:30pm. We will be introducing our upcoming Sunshine sisters’ segments and, talking about plans for upcoming features and related events. If you are supporting your community in some way, or looking to get involved and have any news, insight or, feedback you would like to share, please get in touch.

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