The Sunshine Sisters recently interviewed HR consultant Agnieszka Cybulska from Expansa Ltd, for our Unity Radio segment so, do check the Unity schedule or, listen again on our webpage.

It was interesting to hear Aggies professional views on employee rights and protection regarding the issue of sexual harassment, and we were struck by a point she made about never knowing of a sexual harassment case being brought, in 20 plus years in the profession and, being aware of specific issues in some companies.

During the interview, we make a point about value, and talk about placing value on ourselves and how we go about doing this. We know that even as we speak someone, somewhere is being sexually harassed and, that there is, as Aggie points out ‘a pragmatic and, an emotional response’ to dealing with harassment – especially if you can’t risk the consequences of the fallout.

So what do we do? acknowledge for whatever reason, that it’s best to walk away or, make the decision to challenge the behaviour. The now infamous ‘Me Too’ campaign, was borne out of someone taking the decision to speak out about the culture of harassment, in an environment where it remained unchallenged for decades. It’s taken years, but people are finally being held to account, and change is on the horizon.

You might think ‘Me Too’ is a celebrity movement that has nothing to do with the lives of you and me. But what we’ve seen, is that when it comes to creating change, and things are changing! it takes one brave soul to take the risk and, make the leap. Yes! there are things you might lose, but infinitely more will be gained from the experience.

We’re not saying that everyone should go out and start a revolution (actually why not!), but revolutions, movements, changes :- whatever you like to call them! all begin with someone and, it might just as well be you.

If you are affected by the issues discussed please find the following helpful  services:

The advisory, conciliation and arbitration service – ACAS

Equality and human rights commission

Citizens Advice Bureau